You get what you pay for
Monday, February 28, 2011 - 2:21 pm

There is an adage that says,”You get what you pay for.” The public sector is not immune to this statement. The continued bashing of government employees, including teachers underscores the lack of understanding that most people have for public sector jobs. Communities and schools are no different than the private sector other than not operating for a profit. Public sector jobs are highly regulated and the expectation of the public is that those who fill these jobs are highly qualified. Salaries and benefits are determined by each agency and many times is the result of collective bargaining. If the public is so upset about the cost of public sector employees who provide the public services that citizens expect, the proper forum for change is the legislature or the local governing bodies. Rather than the continued bashing of these individuals who provide us with the services we expect, those upset should work to change the system.