Teachers are greedy
Thursday, February 24, 2011 - 10:12 am

In response to several postings about teachers’ health care: I have a bachelors degree and a large amount of student loan debt, I make very little money (in my profession that requires a 4 year degree), I contribute to my medical insurance costs, I have no retirement plan, and I work year round. Why is it that teachers who earn a respectable salary, have student loans forgiven, have good retirement plans, and only work half the year, also receive free healthcare? In this economic state, that seems outrageous and extremely greedy. Why should they have so many perks? I am sure if they have a problem chipping in, others would gladly fill their positions! There are many post grads begging for jobs and willing to work, period. I believe our education system will be suffering enough from the coming budget, teachers’ health care expenses should not put a further damper on our childrens’ success.