Tablets are bad idea
Tuesday, January 9, 2018 - 8:07 am

In response to “Tablets Helping at SLC Jail” which ran on the front page of the Jan. 3-9 issue of North Country This Week: They also provide an easy communications connections for inmate to inmate. Nice, innocent appearing communications between inmates could easily allow inmates to plan escapes, because there are many ways to hide coded words and meanings within a communication. Since they have access to libraries too, it wouldn't be hard for the inmates to figure out how to devise those codes in order to hide messages in communications. The sun could mean an escape is planned, a meal coming up could be used to set dates & to-do lists, and myriad other things. I did a little research and there are at least six ways to do this sort of communication, whether it's letter counting, word interpretations, or many other scenarios. The tablets are not only a bad idea, but are short-sighted, unstudied by prison controllers, and unknown to many. A pro-active person would never allow such things to go on.