Stay on the shoulders
Wednesday, January 31, 2018 - 8:28 am

In response to “No Horsing Around” which appeared in the Jan. 17-23 issue of North Country This Week: The author has a valid point; the Amish have come here to Upstate NY and refuse to put lights and mirrors and reflectors on their buggies. They are death traps at night. They have no business being on any highway or back road after dark. If they get hit and we injure them I’m quite sure I’m going to be billed under NYS no fault for the bill and I’m sure my insurance will go up for their ignorance and religious beliefs. They don’t pay to use the roads under NYS at all. They should stay on the shoulders the grassy areas until they pay DMV fees to use they roads and put lights and mirrors and reflective tape on this is what the governor should have addressed!