Starts in the mind
Tuesday, January 30, 2018 - 8:33 am

In response to “Self-control is Missing” which appeared in the Jan. 24-30 issue of North Country This Week: You state, "I am fearful for what you may do if the female form has that much control over you." I want you to know that the female form has no control over me, except to make me feel disgusted when women dangle their form before the eyes of my husband, sons, grandsons, and others. I am a happily jealous wife. I fully trust my husbands’ self-control. He knows it all starts in the mind; therefore, he tries to guard his eyes and mind. Therefore, there is no danger of him sexually assaulting anyone. But some are weaker in this area. Human flesh can be quite weak when tempted. We all have our struggles.