People want merger
Thursday, February 3, 2011 - 1:14 pm

Typical. Voice your opinion on Sound Off (“Sports Merger Crazy” Jan. 26-Feb. 1) instead of facing all those people at the meeting last Thursday. From what I could gather, I’d say 99 percent of those attending were for the mergers...and were Canton taxpayers. As for the swimmers on the girl’s Varsity team, they have earned their spot on that team with hard work and dedication. Shame on you for even suggesting to take away a kid’s dream to become a successful athlete in any and all sports. Regarding the taxpayers, no one seemed to mind the mergers. In fact we have lived in Canton and paid their school taxes for five years before our kids played sports, so I feel we’re even. In fact, did you hear, mergers are not free. We had to pay for the right for our child to participate in a sport, with no guarantee of playing time. If your kid is not getting the “playing time” you wish for them to have, I suggest enrolling them in programs so they may become better at their sport of choice instead of complaining that a sports merger athlete who is better played instead.