NYS responsible for Rt. 11
Tuesday, March 1, 2011 - 12:03 pm

In response to “Bad Canton Roads” (Sound Off, Feb. 16-22): The problems with this road do not stop at the Canton Village Line. The stretch of road the original article refers to is part of US Highway 11. The NYSDOT is the department that is responsible for maintaining it. There has been a $10 million project on the books for the Village of Canton US Rt. 11 from the Gouverneur Street intersection to the Stiles Avenue intersection dating back to 1999. It was supposed to start in Spring 2009 but is pushed back every year and won’t be done this year either. The NYSDOT has several projects listed for resurfacing in 2011 on roads that aren’t in this poor of condition including Rt. 11 from Canton to DeKalb. You are going the wrong direction folks. Everyone who travels this stretch of Rt. 11 should send emails, letters and calls to the NYSDOT until this road is milled, leveled and resurfaced.