Make them pay
Tuesday, March 8, 2011 - 1:05 pm

What is going on with Family Court? Deadbeat parents don’t pay child support and still want to have “parenting” time. It takes a lot more than being a sperm donor to be a dad. If Family Court held these parents accountable by making them pay child support, New York state would probably be in the black instead of the red. If parents refuse to pay their child support they should not be allowed to have their “parenting time.” Being a parent involves supporting your children, making sure they have the things they need to grow up healthy. The taxpayers of St. Lawrence County and, indeed, all of New York State should not have to bear that responsibility. It’s time for Family Court to make deadbeats responsible and accountable or it’s time for the powers to be in Family Court to go. Do the right thing and make them pay or put them in jail.