Loud radio
Tuesday, March 22, 2011 - 12:04 pm

My husband is a very dedicated volunteer fireman and always has his radio with him. We recently stopped at a diner to enjoy a quick lunch and sat behind two women. After a few minutes, the women got up and moved one booth away from us because they claimed it was too noisy sitting next to us. And, yes, they were rude about it. Yes, there was talking as one of the fire departments was just called out to a house fire. On the way out, I stopped to apologize for the disruption but also informed them I hoped they never had an emergency at their homes and that firemen wouldn’t be able to respond because they weren’t allowed to have their radios with them. These men and women put in many long hours of training to protect us. Let’s give them a break and not be so rude next time. After all, we didn’t complain about your talking.