Firing uncalled for
Wednesday, March 23, 2011 - 12:18 pm

I thought we lived in America where we could vote for our officials. I am a registered Democrat. However, I am embarrassed by the governor’s decision to appoint Gavin Regan as St, Lawrence County Clerk. Things should have been left the way they were and let the voters decide. Mr. Regan has run for county legislature on two separate occasions and couldn’t even get elected to that position in his hometown. Firing the acting clerk, Ms. Rupp, on his first day on the job was completely uncalled for. Mr. Regan used the lame excuse “for budget purposes” and we all know it was strictly a political ploy. If Mr. Regan runs the county clerk’s office in the same manner his mother runs the town of Potsdam, we’re in a lot of trouble. Hang in there Ms. Rupp. You have my vote and many, many others in November.