English ignorance
Monday, December 18, 2017 - 10:31 am

In response to "Amish Price" which appeared online on North Country Now" Safety and respect. That was my point about the Amish photo. We don't drive around taking pictures of non Amish farmers, Methodist parishioners, Catholic priests, Presbyterians, non-denominational preachers or any other sects going about their daily chores. And why not? Because it's an invasion of privacy, period. Aside from Idolatry and graven images and not wanting public attention, it's basic respect. Would you like an Amish person following you around snapping pictures of you while you spread manure, plow fields, or whatever you do in your daily routine? As for the safety issues, we share public roadways with bikes, horses, pedestrians, automobiles. Bikes require lights at night, reflectors, cars have to pass state inspection requirements, pedestrians even have safety rules to follow. The horse and buggy's from the Norfolk and Norwood areas are easily visible at night with lights, two tone colored wood/canvas and reflectors. Our Amish community known as the Schwartzentruber Amish in the Canton area do not utilize these safety measures. This makes travel dangerous for them, as well as their auto driving neighbors. Ice, snow, rain, fog add to the danger of sharing roadways with improperly lighted modes of transport. Common sense alone and care for the Amish families that are our neighbors should be priority over religious beliefs. The negligence is on everyone not just the Amish. I care enough about my Amish neighbors to speak up and ask them to protect their own children while on the shared roadways. To say I'm misinformed is truly ignorant on your part. I grew up in an Amish home with Amish neighbors. Shame on you for your blind picture taking ignorance.