Cut the fluff in Potsdam school district
Wednesday, March 2, 2011 - 1:09 pm

I am a taxpayer in the Potsdam school district and there seems to be a few things we have forgotten. First, our school is considered an average needs school. Due to the incomes reported, by a majority in our town, funding from the government has been cut. So, the tax burden has been placed on us to pay more for education than surrounding communities. This was not a decision made by the district. We’ve also forgotten that, unlike other businesses, people (teachers) are the objects that produce a good. Along with forgetting teachers are what produce viable citizens to fix our cars, treat our colds, and run our towns, we have forgotten the importance of the basics. Well if we cut the fluff, had parents pay for the extras they feel their kids are entitled to, and didn’t spend our tax dollars on foolish capital projects we could keep teachers and programming that is necessary without the need to raise taxes.