Snake waits for spring in Pierrepont

‘This little guy says spring is here … even if the weather disagrees,’ said photographer Sara Charpentier of Pierrepont.

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Opinion: Madrid fire department offers thanks to public for support of turkey dinner fundraiser


To the Editor:

To our supporters from Madrid and surrounding communities: The officers and the members of the Madrid Volunteer Fire Department want to say thank you for support and...

Opinion: CPH needs to screen doctors better when hiring, says Hopkinton resident


To the Editor:

In response to “CPH Owes Public An Explanation Over Doctor” which ran in the April 11-17 issue of North Country This Week: I, too question how this man was hired by...

Transmission lines

I see the N.Y. Power Authority announced it will be upgrading transmission lines. Too bad they can't spin off a little of that electricity for the North Country and give us decent rates rather...

Opinion: Many reason, concerns for proposed wind turbines, Hopkinton resident says

To the Editor:

The community of Hopkinton/Parishville has been united for generations, the residents will not allow a foreign corporation to wedge itself between us, regardless of the...

Opinion: Generosity, support makes Canton jamboree successful, local musician says

To the Editor:

Shawn Stoddard & The BackWater Blues Band would like to thank all the patrons, businesses, musicians, and media outlets who donated their time and/or donated items to...

Stewart’s donates $500 to Community Lunch Program for Kids in the Norwood, Norfolk and Raymondville Area

To the Editor:

The Community Lunch Program for Kids would like to publicly say thank you to Stewart’s Shops for it’s very generous donation of $500.

This donation was made possible...

Downtown driving

I am curious why there is no mention of pedestrian, wheelchair, or cyclist safety, efficiency of motion, or safety in the announcement about the possible conversion of one of the major pedestrian...

National Girl Scout Leader’s Day being celebrated in St. Lawrence County

To the Editor:

April 22 is designated as National Girl Scout Leader’s Day. Girl Scout volunteer leaders have been positively impacting girls lives since the beginning of Girl Scouting in...

Opinion: Health care service on steady decline, says Norwood resident

To the Editor:

In response to “CPH Owes Public An Explanation Over Doctor” which ran in the April 11-17 issue of North Country This Week: The evaluation of the is both accurate and...

Opinion: Many thanked following jamboree in Parishville

To the Editor:

On Sunday, March 25, many people came together to support Barb Kristoffersen at a jamboree held at Parishville Firemans Hall.

We would like to thank everyone who came...

Clarkson's Men's Empowerment Network raises $573 for deceased cashier’s family

To the Editor:

On March 24, Amber Johnson-Downey unexpectedly passed away. She was an Aramark cashier at Clarkson University and a big part of the student center family.

Amber had a...

Majority against wind

In response to “Group Accused of Spreading Falsities” which appeared in the April 11-17 issue of North Country This Week: The chairman of North County for a Brighter Future counters the opposition...

Opinion: Keeping community more important than windfall, says Parishville resident

To the Editor:

I hope Hopkinton residents will be wise enough to know that if they accept the pittance Avangrid is offering, in exchange for their support, they are doomed.


Opinion: Wind company deserves to make profit too, says Heuvelton man

To the Editor:

I do not have any connections with any wind power connection, use wind-power generated electricity, nor have ever had any of those things.

What I have though, is a...

Opinion: Nothing Christian about killing unborn children, says Colton man

To the Editor:

In response to “Pastor Commends NY For Fighting For Women” which appeared in the April 7-13 issue of North Country This Week: It is wrong to suppose that those who believe...

Opinion: Solar is better option than wind, says West Stockholm resident

To the Editor:

If our neighbors in Hopkinton want "green energy" and income from power generation there are plenty of solar farm development corporations willing to write similar contracts...

Double standards

To all the letter writers screaming that the wind project is "all about the money", I ask: what business project isn't? The wind farm is about renewable energy, reducing our dependence on fossil...

Massena Rotary breakfast raises $15,000 for local cause

To the Editor:

Thank You Massena and Northern New York for helping make this year’s 58th Massena’s Rotary Pancake Auction a great success.

The auction, in conjunction with the...

Opinion: Don’t be fooled by continued propaganda, Hopkinton resident says

To the Editor:

Don’t be fooled by continued North Country for a Brighter Future propaganda. The Hopkinton Town Board has agreed to vote on a protective wind law.

Frankly, that is...