Police issue warning after skimming device used to steal information from Ogdensburg gas pump
Thursday, December 14, 2017 - 5:43 am

OGDENSBURG -- On Nov. 30, the Ogdensburg Police Department opened a card skimmer investigation at the Sunoco gas station, 301 Champlain St.

A gas pump maintenance worker was checking the pumps at the store and found a skimming device, which is used for stealing credit and debit card information, police said.

Since then, there has been several complaints filed with both the Ogdensburg Police Department and the St. Lawrence County Sherriff’s Department where people say they have had their cards compromised and money taken from their accounts.

“It is not yet clear, of the time frame that the skimming device has been at the pumps, but anyone who has paid with their cards at any gas station in the St. Lawrence County area is recommended to do routine checks on their accounts,” police said in a release. “The device that was found is a device that is placed inside the pump itself, and is unable for anyone to see. Everyone should use caution anytime they use their cards at gas pumps, it is always safer to pay inside the store.”