Police investigating social media comments made to Lisbon students, super says no credible threats made
Monday, January 29, 2018 - 3:09 pm


LISBON – State police are investigating alleged statements and comments on social media that have taken place over the past three weeks, according to a statement from Lisbon Central School.

The announcement posted on the school’s Facebook page caused concern for some parents, who have heard rumors swirling, but Superintendent Patrick Farrand says at this time, no credible threats have been made.

He said state police have been onsite at the district and will continue to have a presence as they look into the complaints made by students.

Farrand said the district notified police after reports from several students that comments, which could potentially be interpreted as harassing or threatening in nature, were being made on social media.

Farrand said the school released the statement regarding the allegations with hope of alleviating concerns from parents, as there is no direct credible threats toward any specific individual student or staff member within the district.

“We take these reports from students seriously and have contacted police to look into the matter. At this time there doesn’t appear to be any credible threat, but we would always rather be safe than sorry," he said.

Farrand said parents have been notified though mass emails in an attempt to keep the public updated, but the investigation is now in the hands of the state police.

The statement released by the school district has caused worry among some parents, who have commented on the post, but Farrand said the information that is available is limited to reports made by students and that state police are looking into those reports.

The statement provided by the school regarding the matter follows:

“At this time there are no direct or credible threats toward any specific individual student or staff member within the Lisbon Central School District.

“There have been reports of statements and comments via social media that are potentially harassing and menacing in nature that have reportedly taken place over the last three weeks. This concern was first brought to our attention Jan. 26. The district takes all potential threats seriously and therefore, this information was reported to the New York State Police on Jan. 26.

“The New York State Police will investigate this matter and there will be an increased presence of the New York State Police within the district as a result.

“The district encourages individuals to report any and all information that may threaten/jeopardize the safety of our students, staff, and members of the community,” the post says.

NorthCountryNow.com has reached out to state police for more information.