Ogdensburg airport extends security contract with city police
Tuesday, November 28, 2017 - 9:08 am


OGDENSBURG -- Ogdensburg City Council extended a contract Monday that allows city police to provide security at the airport.

In September of 2016 city council voted unanimously to enter an agreement with the Ogdensburg Bridge and Port Authority to provide security at the airport.

Under the current agreement the cost for providing security is based directly on the cost to the city. That means if it requires officers to work overtime, that additional expense will be covered by the OBPA.

Under the new contract the OBPA will pay an additional $1 per hour. The contract provides a guaranteed payment of $156,000 per year as well as any overtime costs incurred.

Councilors Daniel Skamperle and Michael Morley raised concerns that the contract was taxing on the force, which is already down about five officers due to injury and training.

Skamperle feared the extra work was causing hidden costs for the department due to the fatigue that is being incurred by officers.

However the contract was approved in a 5-2 vote.

During recent budget discussions Ogdensburg city council discussed giving up the contract to relieve the burden on the police department, which was facing cuts to staffing levels. However, Police Chief Andrew Kennedy said the contract was helping the department financially.