Norwood Fire Department asking for public's help to keep hydrants clear
Thursday, December 28, 2017 - 9:18 am

Above, the proper way to clear hydrants.

NORWOOD -- With the onslaught of cold and snow, members of the community can help their fire departments and their Departments of Public Works by clearing fire hydrants near their homes, said a press release from the Norwood Fire Department.

Most DPWs are working overtime just to clean the streets, the press release said.

Norwood Fire Department Members Kasey McIntire and Asst. Chief Harry Loomis worked on Christmas Day to clear hydrants in the Village of Norwood.

The use of fire hydrants are essential in local villages in case of emergency, said the department, citing several of the recent structure fires over the last few weeks.

Residents who wish to help are advised to clear the snow all the way to the street in front of a hydrant, and three feet on each side and back.