Massena trustees approve filling new vehicle operator
Saturday, December 23, 2017 - 4:21 pm

MASSENA — After asking for permission to look for three new motor equipment operators, the village board on Tuesday told the Department of Public Works they can look for one.

DPW Superintendent Hassan Fayad told the board that Robert Lashomb, one of his operators, is planning to retire Jan. 30, which will leave him with the staffing shortage.

“We expected him to leave a year before this coming January, but he felt it was time.” Fayad told the board. “I’ll be down approximately 10 percent of my workforce when this all takes place.”

The mayor said he wanted to see how early budget requests stacked up, but there was no discussion of whether or not they would consider voting on looking for the other two hires next year.

“I think we’re this close to the beginning of the budget process. I think it would be prudent to see what the numbers look like. This (motion) starts the process,” Mayor Tim Currier said.

Fayad said the three positions were included in his 2017-18 budget, and he wants them for next year.

“They are projected to be budgeted in the future budget as well, 2018-19,” Fayad said.