Massena trustees appoint deputy mayor, treasurer, tax collector, board committees
Friday, December 22, 2017 - 5:02 pm

MASSENA -- The village Board of Trustees on Tuesday made a number of appointments, including deputy mayor, treasurer, tax collector and board committees.

They include:

Attorney - Fischer, Bessette, Muldowney & McArdle (first point of contact: Matthew H. McArdle)

Deputy Village Clerk (2 years) - Melissa C. Ward

Treasurer - Julie A. Sharlow

Temporary Deputy Treasurer - Kevin Felt

Deputy Treasurer - Lisa Tyo

Tax Collector - Julie A. Sharlow

Temporary Tax Collector - Kevin Felt

Deputy Tax Collectors - Lisa Tyo and Julie Locey

Fair Housing Officer - Trustee Francis Carvel

Section 3 Coordinator - Carvel

Acting Village Justice - Patrick J. Serguson

Clerk to the Village Justice - April Kerley

Part-time Deputy Court Clerk - Martha Granger

Police Matrons - Anne-Marie Lucid and Tammy L. Rakoce

School Crossing Guards - Dawn Corliss, Dennis Hartford, Candy Englert, Cynthia Bain, Gary L. Gladding, Mark J. Lashomb, Nicole A. LaPradd, Anne-Marie Lucid (substitute) and Colin Lucid (substitute)

Massena Housing Authority (5 years) - vacant

Planning Commission (3 years) - Anthony Curley and Larry Logan

Zoning Board (3 years) - Robert VanDusen

BDC Board of Directors (3 years) - Jeff Dobbins (village appointment) and Chris Herrick (joint appointment)

Arbor Committee - Andrew McMahon, Paul Rufa, Barbara Sanford and Rebecca Violi

Complete Streets Advisory Committee - Police Chief Adam J. Love and Scott Castagnier

Approved New York state electrical inspectors (as approved by Massena Electric Department) - The Inspector, NY Atlantic-Inland Inc. Fire Underwriters, Commonwealth Electrical Inspection Services Inc.

Newspaper - Daily Courier-Observer

Village Board of Trustees committee appointments

Deputy Mayor - Matt LeBire

Audit Committee - Carvel, Albert Deshaies

Budget Committee - full board

Chamber of Commerce - Deshaies, Carvel

Code Book Committee - Deshaies, Carvel

DPW Safety Committee - Tim Ahlfeld, Deshaies

Economic Development Committee - LeBire, Ahlfeld

Employee Contract Committee - LeBire, Ahlfeld

Employment Discrimination & Harassment - Lebire, Deshaies, Carvel

Fire/Code Enforcement Committee - Lebire, Carvel

Housing Authority - Carvel, Deshaies

Insurance Committee - Lebire, Deshaies

Personnel Committee - Carvel, Deshaies, Ahlfeld (alternate)

Police Committee - Deshaies, Carvel

Recreation Commission - Deshaies, Carvel

Street Committee - Lebire, Ahlfeld

Street Lighting - Ahlfeld, Deshaies

Water/Sewer Committee - Lebire, Ahlfeld