Federal funds available for Ogdensburg property damaged by flooding
Saturday, December 23, 2017 - 4:23 pm

OGDENSBURG – Federal funding is available to help pay for repairs for parts of the city damaged by the flooding along the St. Lawrence River this summer.

City Manager Sarah Purdy says a recent meeting held in Canton by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the State Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Services outlined the application process.

“The purpose of the briefing was to orient area local governments to the application process for receiving aid for repairs due to damages caused by the flooding that occurred earlier this year during the timeframe of May 2, 2017 through Aug. 6, 2017,” Purdy said in a recent council update.

“Repairs to flood-damaged City infrastructure along the St Lawrence River in the greenbelt and marina area, and to the seawall along the Oswegatchie River will be eligible for FEMA aid,” she said. “We completed the first step of the process, submitting a Request for Public Assistance form, while at the briefing.”

Purdy said this officially starts the process for the city. She said there will be several more steps to undertake, including submittal of documentation, estimates and other financial information, and site visits before the proposed repairs are approved.

“In addition, we will be seeking to conduct what is known as hazard mitigation, which involves proposals not only to make the repairs but also to make alterations directly related to avoiding the same type of damage in the future,” Purdy said in her update.

The City team involved in this project will include Public Works Director Scott Thornhill and Parks and Recreation Director Matt Curatolo.