Edwards, Hermon splitting $175,000 as incentive for dissolving villages
Thursday, January 11, 2018 - 2:58 pm

The towns of Hermon and Edwards are splitting $175,000 from the state as an incentive for dissolving their villages, according to Gov. Andrew Cuomo's office.

The Town of Edwards is getting $90,199 for the dissolution of the Village of Edwards, and they have received a total of $450,995 since 2013, Cuomo's office said.

The Town of Hermon is getting $85,223 for the dissolution of the Village of Hermon, which happened last year. The money comes through the Citizen Empowerment Tax Credit, which goes to local governments across New York where voters approved a village dissolution within their boundaries.

"I commend these local governments for working together with their communities to increase efficiency and decrease layers of bureaucracy in order to lower costs and tackle property taxes, which are still the most onerous tax in New York," Cuomo said in a pre-written statement. "We will continue to work with any locality that seeks to explore ways to modernize and streamline their operations in order to deliver tax relief for their residents."

In 2011, Cuomo created the Citizen Empowerment Tax Credit to provide annual aid to local governments moving forward with consolidations or dissolutions. The annual aid is equal to 15 percent of the combined amount of real property taxes levied by all the municipalities involved in the consolidation or dissolution, not exceeding $1 million. At least 70 percent of the aid must be returned to the residents of the local government in the form of direct property tax relief, the governor's office said.