Democratic candidate Pavelock accuses her primary rival of spreading falsehoods in 47th Senate district race
Tuesday, August 10, 2010 - 11:54 am

A Clinton Democrat running for Sen. Joe Griffo's seat is accusing her Democratic primary rival of spreading falsehoods and not focusing on the issues.

Maria Pavelock says Oneida County Legislator Michael J. Hennessy, “grasping at straws and in desperation,” has accused her wrongly of being afraid to debate him.

Her statement follows:

 “I have spent the last four months traveling the 47th district to meet with citizens in three different counties to discuss the critical issues facing this state. Instead of focusing on presenting solutions to our state’s problems my fellow Democrat has spent most of his time spreading falsehoods me, delaying party unity as I challenge an entrenched career politician. Even when these charges have been shown to be false, he has continued to repeat them. Old habits are hard to break. Grasping at straws and in desperation, he has now sent a postcard claiming that I am afraid to debate him and that I am merely the choice of a few party “bosses”.

We have already debated FIVE times. When the votes were taken, support for my candidacy was overwhelming, and in some cases, such as Lewis County, it was unanimous. In Oneida County the result was 12.008 for me, and 2,799 against. To ignore these facts is to insult and disrespect the hundreds of people who participated in the debate process and gave me their overwhelming support. Who is disrespecting whom? My grass root support is also evident in the fact that my supporters gathered almost twice as many petitions for the September ballot.

Unfortunately, such tactics are common among too many career politicians. One can understand why he feels so driven to get to Albany, he’d fit in very well with the bickering and gridlocked politics that is harming all New Yorker’s. I think people are sick and tired of this divisive, negative, and defamatory style of politics. People want to know what you can do to fix Albany. Where are the postcards with that detailed information? It is one of the reasons why party members, not just party leaders, rejected his candidacy.

I am not a career politician. I’m taking a fresh approach to politics, emphasizing positive, constructive leadership and reaching out to people who want to work together to solve problems, not just score points. As the endorsed Democratic candidate for the State Senate in the 47th district I am ready to debate the crisis facing the state and our district, anywhere, anytime, with my real opponent, Mr. Joseph Griffo. I do not, however, intend to give my fellow Democrat yet another platform from which to spread falsehoods.

I invite the citizens of the 47th district to share concerns and ideas regarding the challenges we face at the Open House we will be holding at our campaign headquarters, 7 Park Row West in Clinton, from Noon until 8pm every Tuesday and Thursday though the primary on September 14th. You are also invited to visit our website at for more information. Together we can get our state moving again.”

Maria Pavelock has earned the overwhelming endorsement of the Oneida, St. Lawrence, and Lewis County Democratic Parties. She has received over 2,300 signatures in support of her candidacy on the Democratic ticket and is circulating petitions on the independent Fiscal Reform line. Since coming to America on the 4th of July in 1979, she has become an educator, a businesswoman with international experience, a mother, and a community leader.


End of statement