North Country congressional candidate Boyajian drops out in favor of Assembly run
Wednesday, May 16, 2018 - 3:02 pm

The field of Democrats hoping for a chance to defeat Republican two-term Congresswoman Elise Stefanik of Willsboro is down to five after another hopeful has changed his mind.

Don Boyajian, Democratic 21st Congressional District candidate from Washington County and an municipal and environmental attorney, announced his decision Tuesday, May 15, to exit the race.

He has decided to run for the 107th Assembly District, in the Albany area instead.

In a Twitter feed Tuesday, he said, “I am ending my campaign for Congress in NY-21. It has truly been an honor to travel around and connect with the wonderful people of the 21st. You have truly inspired me to never stop fighting for our communities and with that, I will be entering the race for Assembly District 107.”

One of Boyajian’s former opponents, Tedra Cobb of Canton, responded to the news, “I have enjoyed sharing Don's enthusiasm, knowledge and sincere desire to serve over these many months, and I am happy to see him take the opportunity to bring his experience to the NYS Assembly. I will proudly continue to lead the way to victory on June 26th and in November, with more than 5,300 signatures delivered in support of my candidacy, a team of more than 750 dedicated volunteers, and more funds raised than anyone remaining in the field. I hope Don and I can work together to win back seats for Democrats across the region - giving back to the people the real representation they deserve.”

Also chiming in on Boyajian’s exit was candidate Katie Wilson of Keene.

“We want to wish Don well in his fight for change in Albany,” she said. “With his departure from the NY-21 Congressional race, the choice for voters becomes much more clear and much more stark: Do we want to send Stefanik back to her DC cocktail circuit, send some candidates running on the Democratic side who are auditioning for the DC cocktail circuit, or someone who is going to stop talking like a cable news wannabe and just get to work,” she said.

“We are confident that in the next several weeks, voters will choose Katie because she’s done talking, she’s showing folks all across the North Country that she’s not interested in trading in our community for a new set of friends in Washington. She’s running to make Washington work for us,” Wilson said.

The five remaining Democrats are Cobb, Wilson, Emily Martz of Saranac Lake; Dylan Ratigan of Lake Placid, and Patrick Nelson of Stillwater.

Before Boyajian’s exit, four other Democrats who had announced runs left the race: Sara Idleman of Greenwich and Tanya Boone of Granville both left the race in February; Ronald Kim of Saratoga Springs dropped out in March; and David Mastrianni of Saratoga Springs dropped out late April.

The primary in New York for federal races is on June 26.