Potsdam police say complaints of calls by scammers claiming to be from National Grid Saturday have stopped
Sunday, November 26, 2017 - 10:27 am

POTSDAM -- The Potsdam Police Department received no more calls today about scammers claiming to be from National Grid seeking bill payments.

The department fielded numerous complaints Saturday from people who said callers were requesting cash payments, and impersonating officers and personnel from the Potsdam Police Department.

“Please be advised, that at no point in time would the Potsdam Police Department be utilized as a debt collecting service. Furthermore, please be advised that National Grid would not request customers to make immediate cash payments,” a notice from Potsdam police said. Nor would National Grid accept payments using such services as iTunes gift cards, money pack cards, or other gift cards, the notice says.

Police advise people who receive this type of call from people claiming to represent National Grid or another company requesting immediate payment to hang up and contact the company at their normal contact number. Do not contact any number provided by the original caller, or provide any further personal information to them on the phone, Potsdam police said.