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The weather is getting colder in St. Lawrence County which means most people will be turning on their heating systems soon if they have not already.

Have you had your heating system(s) inspected since last winter?

43.1% -- Yes

42.3% -- No

14.6% -- No, but I plan on it

Total responses: 123

Comments: 29

Here are your comments:

It works beautifully, when and if it has problems I'll deal with it.

10/15/2018 2:07 AM

Who can afford to? Last winter I had to burn the kitchen table and chairs to stay warm. The cost of gas, beer and cigs have all gone up so no heat for me. Trumps fault.

10/14/2018 4:44 PM

Calling the gas company Monday to arrange for an inspection and tune-up.

10/14/2018 9:04 AM


10/14/2018 7:55 AM

No, but expect to soon as he can get to us.

10/13/2018 4:32 PM

Are you kidding? Five years ago it cost $600 to fill the tank with heating oil. $100 or more for yearly boiler maintenance. I cringe to think of what it is now! And the heating company insisted on a minimum amount per visit. If you were on the monthly payment plan you would still owe money even if the bill was paid off by summer! So I do what many people have been doing; utilizing good quality electric heaters all around the house. Most also have the realistic fireplace effect, so they are also pretty to look at. These of course are excellent quality fireplace heaters that are placed directly into the outlet with no extension cords, nor power strips. And away from any curtains or blockage. QVC has generous payment plans. I'm glad I made the switch!

10/11/2018 2:20 PM

Electric baseboard heat is extremely reliable. I set it @ 50 deg. F and head of to Florida. No problem at all.

10/11/2018 2:06 PM

We do not have the heat on. We removed the air conditioning and we are sweltering in the heat and humidity. I am sure it will be cold soon. It is just very difficult to predict weather in October.

10/11/2018 2:05 PM

Busy schedule for heating people. Later this month for appointment

10/10/2018 8:57 PM

Done in spring at the end of heating season.

10/10/2018 5:53 PM

It is brand new since old one died and no parts available. Ugh.

10/10/2018 3:06 PM

Yes, have had a fire in the woodstove almost every day over the last 2 weeks.

10/10/2018 11:50 AM

Is this sponsored by a heating inspection company?

10/10/2018 11:43 AM

Will have the fire department do it, if you can’t afford too do it call your local fire department

10/10/2018 7:07 AM

Who does it and how much is it? Nys could do some apprenticeships for chimney cleaning/ wood stoves. Reliable people are few and far between. I would like to have the heat sources cleaned but by who? Lastly, too bad the family court judge let my husband off the hook for most of what he owed in back child support, otherwise I’d have upgraded. Criminal, the lawyer just as bad...what goes around, comes around. Remember that.

10/9/2018 8:21 PM

Enbridge says only every 3 years "new technology" Haha!

10/9/2018 12:15 PM

Wait for first frost to turn on the (cleaned) furnace.

10/9/2018 9:44 AM

It is definitely a "need", but I see that to do so is around $520 for a standard sized house. That's almost a tank of fuel oil!

10/9/2018 8:44 AM

I will be cutting up my furniture and burning it in the wood stove. I'm broke from paying the overinflated N-N school taxes. It's all fatso Trumps fault.

10/9/2018 6:48 AM

What kind of lazy slob has someone "inspect their heating system"? a real man knows how to maintain it himself

10/8/2018 6:53 PM

Since I work in the HVAC field I do my own and my family every year

10/8/2018 1:50 PM

Not too many wood stoves needed in Florida!

10/8/2018 12:20 PM

They do a crappy job of it!

10/8/2018 11:49 AM

i probably should - baseboard hot water, and it has worked well for years, but...

10/8/2018 11:49 AM

Will have to scrimp on heat in an attempt to offset the Village of Potsdam water rate increases. Thanks again Village board for punishing the taxpayers of Potsdam once again. The people responsible for the west dam failure should have been the ones punished.

10/8/2018 10:43 AM

Just this week; never fail on this basic safety item on our fall checklist.

10/8/2018 10:39 AM

It is very expensive always finding to replace parts above the quote!

10/8/2018 9:08 AM

Heating with propane furnace recommends servicing at least every two heating seasons

10/8/2018 7:58 AM

Rental from Enbridge services waiting for them to return calls for them to inspect/service their equipment

10/8/2018 7:53 AM