State purchase of land a waste of money
Friday, March 4, 2011 - 12:03 pm

To the Editor:

As a New York taxpayer, I have concerns regarding the state purchase of land in the Adirondacks for $30 million. Who, when and most importantly why was this money appropriated for this acquisition? I wasn’t asked if I wanted my tax dollars to go toward this. (Reminds me of a land purchase under a different governor that the taxpayers never knew about until it was done.)

State workers are being laid off by the hundreds, finding it difficult or almost impossible to keep food on the table, and heat in their homes. Some state parks closed this past summer due to lack of funds for operations. And now thousands of acres will no longer be on the tax rolls, losing more revenue for our already deficit-laden state. But taxes for the common man just keep rising!

And the land is to be for logging, recreation, etc? Have we ever seen that before? State land purchased in the Adirondacks somehow becomes designated “Forever Wild” and the only people who can enjoy, are the hikers.

So I am asking, “what is the reason for this purchase”? Shouldn’t state funds be put to better use, such as keeping hundreds of state workers employed and paying taxes, rather than having to live on employment or welfare, paying no taxes? Or perhaps put this money toward the billions of our state deficit? Sure, $30 million is only a small portion of the deficit that New York faces, but at least it would be a start.

Thomas LaBrake, Hannawa Falls