Sick of rising gas prices in the North Country
Tuesday, February 1, 2011 - 12:03 pm

To the Editor:

Scenario: In the boardroom, feverishly watching the Weather Channel, salivating over the horrible forecast. Every morning, oil executives wake up and check the forecast. It’s cold and it’s going to be cold for quite some time. Below zero cold. OK. Here’s the plan. Jack up the cost of kerosene, gas and fuel oil. Make it harder for people to purchase. Who cares if it’s cold? We’re warm and toasty and can afford all the oil we want with our million dollar pay days and bonuses.

When are the politicians that we elect going to do something for the people that struggle every day?

I work hard, as do most people, and when you have to decide between paying a bill, eating and staying warm, what do you choose?

Kerosene went up 10 cents a gallon from Jan. 19 to Jan. 22, and it’s not right.

A cold snap happens and we’re ripped off yet again. It’s the same with gas. Have a holiday and watch the price of gas rise as you’re pumping it.

What a crime that oil companies are getting richer every second on the backs of people who work for their money.

Oil companies and their ilk remind me of animals at a carcass, because surely people will freeze to death because they can’t afford fuel. Outrageous.

Politicians, work for your constituents. Do something to make life easier. Surely there is a way. Remember, you were elected and you can be unelected.

Susan M. Bond, Norfolk