Opinion: Potsdam man offers helpful resource for improving agriculture
Friday, February 16, 2018 - 9:58 am

To the Editor:

Over 35 years ago, I moved to the North Country. As part of my work, one of my main goals was to improve agriculture and introduce soybeans as a viable crop.

Now there are over 35,000 acres of soybeans harvested and there is improved soil drainage practices for landowners and roadways. I have been retired for many years but agricultural practices are still of great interest to me.

As part of my work 35 years ago, I visited our northern neighbor, Ontario, Canada. I had the great fortune to meet many helpful people, businesses and agencies.

With its similarities in climate, agricultural land and economy to St. Lawrence County, I would like to strongly recommend to those who are currently working in agriculture or for those interested in starting to review the helpful resources on their government website at www.agr.gc.ca.

My hope is this valuable resource can help improve the agriculture practices here as well as have economic benefits.

Richard Zimmerman