Opinion: Funding library sends message about values, says Ogdensburg resident
Monday, December 18, 2017 - 9:11 am

To the Editor:

After reading a Facebook post about Prendergast Library in Jamestown, having to sell its art to stay open, I shared and introduced the news with this comment of my own:

This is a nightmare. My town (as of a few months ago), Ogdensburg, is dealing with massive budget cuts to its public library, too.

I sure hope enough denizens of this and every community realize: every penny spent on its library is returned many-fold in value to the people of the community.

The public library is central to community.

Its proper funding, even (especially) in challenging economic times, sends a powerful message to current and prospective residents and businesses about the value we continue to place on full-time and equal access to information, learning, and knowledge.

Aren't situations like this exactly why tax-free, low interest municipal bonds were invented?

Scott A. Bennett