Opinion: Act of kindness following bad week
Tuesday, December 26, 2017 - 10:05 am

To the Editor:

Life is not always easy. It ebbs and flows throwing hurdles of grief and joy at us. I’ve had a week from hell consisting of an auto accident, another broken bone and yet another failed relationship as a few examples.

But a very kind stranger did something to make my cold black heart a little less heavy. Thursday evening Dec. 21 I wanted to take my children out for dinner and then go lose myself in the new Star Wars movie.

We were seated at Eben’s Hearth in Potsdam next to a table of two ladies enjoying a friendly meal. Out of the blue one of the ladies asks if she can buy an appetizer for our table. I was a bit taken back as this caught me off guard comparatively to the rest of the week I been having.

We thankfully accepted the offer and exchanged kind pleasantries. After they had finished their meal we parted with kind words and again expressed our gratitude.

After my brood and I finished I requested the check only to find out it had been paid for by the aforementioned table next to us. And that act of kindness hit me like a wave right when I needed it. Thank you for your beautiful act of kindness.

Robert Fowler