SPCA donations collected by 8th grader
Friday, November 17, 2017 - 2:43 pm

John F. Kennedy Elementary School second grader Sophie Nugent celebrated her 8th birthday by collecting donations Nov. 4 for the St. Lawrence Valley SPCA rather than receiving gifts. Pictured with some of the donations at the Richard G. Lockwood are Colin Woods, Madison Frisina, Cole Matthews, Emmilyn TenEyck, Ella Batemen, Ayden Lynch, Alexis Brown, Ava Nugent, Ireland McNally, Lucy Gausconi, Lauren Beldock, Julia Doser, Katie Wilson, Ali Wilson, Grace Jeneault, Sohela Sekhon, Mareena Testani, Sophie Nugent, and Gabbie Kennedy. Photo taken by Amy Nugent.