Waddington golf league finishes season
Thursday, September 9, 2010 - 6:13 am

The Waddington Twin Brooks Tuesday Night Golf League finished the 2010 season with the team of Melanie Gibson and Eileen Rourke taking top honors. Second place - Angela Maxwell and Julie LaVenture with third place going to Barbara Montour and Sandra Rouke.Seated left to right are: Julie LaVenture, Karen Chauvin, Catherine Boula, Barbara Montour. Standing left to right: Elaine Stasko, Melanie Gibson, Karla Trimm, Connie Maclennan, Eileen Rourke, Martha Pandel, Lynn Treers, Valerie Waite, Mary Thisse, Beth Coughlin, Sandra Rouke, Tammy Simons, and Angela Maxwell. Anyone interested in playing in the Women's Tuesday Night League is asked to contact Julie LaVenture at 769-1509 or email [email protected]