Step into my parlor in Raymondville
Saturday, September 11, 2010 - 8:55 am

A spider recently spun its web between the day lilies and a tree at the home of the LaRoes in Raymondville. They were hopeful a viewer could help identify what kind of spider this is. Kate Streit believes they are called “Garden Spiders.” “My parents have a pasture and it is filled with these spiders, “ she said. “For years, they have terrified my sisters and I, so we did some research a couple years ago.... The spiders are simply called ‘Garden Spiders.’ Their webs have a "Z"-like pattern down the center of the web. They are completely creepy to look at and look scary, but they are in fact not harmful at all.” Jim Rishe says the spider "is an Argiope Aurantia, or just plain Argiope, commonly referred to as Black & Yellow Garden Spiders. As kids we'd encounter them nearly daily while we were running & exploring the fields. The females are pretty large and are scary looking." Karen Easter of Potsdam thinks it might be a St. Andrew's Cross spider. "We had one living on a web in our day lilies several years ago. We'd never seen anything like it, so we tracked it down. It (or its offspring) came back to the same place in late summer for several years," she reports. Easter says some identifying characteristics are: the way they hold their legs in pairs, so their overall shape looks like a cross; the yellow color - the pattern of yellow and black varies; the web includes some spirals dangling from the main web (you can see these in the picture taken by the LaRoes family). She includes a link to view a photo of the spider.