Welcome to the new 'mobile-friendly' North Country Now... how to find your favorite pages
Monday, November 27, 2017 - 9:08 am

To find pages on phones and tablets, click the “Hamburger Menu” to the right of the North Country Now logo (left image). Then, as shown in center image, click title you are interested in to go directly to the main page for that category, or click the number to the right of the title to view a list of pages in that category (right image).

Welcome to the new “mobile friendly” site of NorthCountryNow.com.

If you are viewing this story on your phone or tablet, you may have already noticed major changes in the way “North Country Now” is arranged.

Viewers on desktop or laptop computers should not see much difference.

We’ve made the change to make it easier for phone and tablet viewers to read stories and advertisements. No longer will readers have to enlarge or reduce each page.

The biggest change for phone and tablet users will be the “Hamburger Menu” -- three stacked lines to the right of the North Country Now logo at the top of each page.

Instead of the blue-and-green menu bars that stretch across the top of the page on desktop versions of our site, viewers on phones and tablets can click the “Hamburger Menu” to navigate to other pages.

Clicking the “Hamburger Menu” calls up a list of the categories that appear in the top blue menu bar on desktop – News, Sports, Classifieds, Entertainment, Obituaries, Opinion, Milestones, Hometown Photos and Explore NNY.

Clicking on a title, such as “News,” takes the viewer to the main page for that section, just as clicking on the title in the blue bar does.

Clicking on the number to the right of the title displays a list of the pages in that category.

For example, clicking on “8” to the right of “News” displays the eight pages in that category – Weather, Business, Police Blotter, Potsdam-Canton Edition of North Country This Week, Massena-Ogdensburg Edition of North Country This Week, News Links, and Recently Posted.

Our new “responsive design” is increasingly becoming the norm throughout the world as more and more people use their phone or tablet to go online. In addition to making it easier to read and navigate on phones and tablets, the new design should make it easier to click on links with your finger.

We will be “tweaking” the layout and small glitches that appear on our new site during the next several weeks.