Potsdam Chamber of Commerce welcomes new owners of Chilly Delight to Potsdam business community
Monday, October 16, 2017 - 5:56 am

From left, Janice Adderley, UPS Store; Nikki Coates, Nikki Coates Realty; Kellie Hitchman, Hospice; Lauren and Duane Pelkey, Chilly Delight owners; Marylee Ballou, chamber; Fred Hanss, Village of Potsdam; and Peter Cutler, SUNY Potsdam.

POTSDAM -- The Potsdam Chamber of Commerce has welcomed Laurean and Duane Pelkey, the new owners of Chilly Delight, to the Potsdam business community.

Chilly Delight is offering a courtesy card for returning customers. After making six purchases of $3 or more, a customer gets $2.50 off the seventh purchase.

Duane Pelkey thanked the previous owners, Lori and Tim Dillon, for establishing the business and helping during the transition. They also thanked Clayton Dolde for his work on their marketing video running inside the shop and social media postings.

Chilly Delight will also look to hold special fun events in the coming months. There will be more info on their Facebook page.

The Pelkeys say they look forward to serving the community with their business and have already experienced some great public support.